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California Gambling Rules

It is possible that the rules regarding gambling in California are somewhat confusing, and it may be challenging to determine which of these laws apply to a particular scenario. Ask the dealer how your game is categorized if you’re playing blackjack or dice in a casino. In addition, before you participate in any of the games, make it a point to understand the regulations. There is a blog on this website that you may use to learn more about the potential effects that gaming may have on your state.

The critical gambling laws of California are highlighted in the following table.

Section of Code

Sections 330 et seq. of the Penal Code, 19400 et seq. of the Business and Professions Code, 98001 et seq. of the Government Code, and Chapter 432 of Assembly Bill No. 649.


We are dealing, playing, or running any card or dice-based banking or percentage game, including faro, monte, roulette, lansquenet, rouge et noir, rondo, tan, fantan, seven-and-a-half, twenty-one, and hokey-pokey.

Off-Track Betting on Horse Racing

Only parimutuel gambling is permitted for horse and harness racing. Off-track wagering is not permitted.

Allowing Casinos?

Casinos on Indian reservations are permitted, but otherwise not. Ban on gaming machines (unless they are more than 25 years old and are not used for gambling)

Additional Forms of Gambling-Related Activities Permitted or Prohibited

Games of chance using cards or dice are forbidden if they involve the exchange of cash, credit, checks, or other valuables. Only counties with a population of 4 million or more have a draw poker prohibition. Any dice with more than 6 faces are prohibited.

The following types of gambling are commonly recognized by California law: card clubs, parimutuel horse betting, charitable gaming, state lotteries, and Indian casinos.

Casinos run by Indians –

“Vegas-Style Casinos,” often known as casinos modelled after Las Vegas casinos, typically refer to establishments with banked games (such as poker and blackjack), bingo, and slot machines. It can find only tribal casinos on Indian territory with these casinos.

club cards –

Even though many card clubs call themselves “casinos,” they don’t like the Vegas-style casinos in that they don’t charge patrons to participate. In essence, players in card clubs bet against one other instead of the “house.”

Parimutuel gambling on horses

The game of parimutuel gambling, also known as “mutual betting,” involves pooling the wagers of players to compete against each other instead of the house, and the rewards are then split among the winners after taxes and management costs have been deducted. In California, parimutuel gambling is only authorized when there is horse racing.

charitable gaming

In California, bingo games with a charitable donation component are considered charitable gambling. The charity routinely hosts the events. Remember that the only game permitted is bingo.

State lotteries

One of the most well-known gambling venues in America is the California State Lottery. At this venue, which has been in operation since 1903, a variety of games are available, including slot machines, bingo, and scratch cards. Additionally, the California lottery is run by the state of California, and it provides a variety of games, such as Mega Millions and SuperLotto Plus.

What is the California gaming penalty?

Slot machines are subject to several gambling laws in the state of California. Gambling is often prohibited in the state, resulting in several punishments.

According to Penal Code 330 PC, “banking” or “percentage” games are illegal in California. A misdemeanour conviction carries a maximum prison sentence of six months and a maximum fine of one thousand dollars.

Are casino slots forbidden in California?

Slot machines are regarded as gambling in California. It implies that they are often prohibited from entering. It could theoretically legalize slot machines if they satisfy specific criteria, but this hasn’t happened yet. The solution is relatively straightforward. Only on Indian reservations are slot machines, and other games of chance played against the house or a casino legal in California.

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